Women at the Well Registration

Women at the Well Registration

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Duty to Warn

Confidentiality and privileged communication remain rights of all W.A.W participants according to the law. However, if an individual intends to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against another human being, or against him or herself, it is the duty of Living Waters Philippines leadership to warn any appropriate individuals of such intentions. Suspected acts of child abuse or neglect are required to be reported. Those warned may include but are not limited to:

  • The person or family of the person who is likely to suffer the results of harmful behaviour.
  • The family of the participant who intends to harm himself or someone else.
  • Associates or friends of those threatened or making threats.
  • Law enforcement officials.

Before informing anyone who should be warned, LWP leadership will take all possible steps to first share that intention with the participant. Every effort will be made to prevent any such breach of confidentiality.

W.A.W. Agreement

I am applying for the W.A.W program sponsored through Living Waters Philippines and understand that this program does not take the place of professional counselling and/or therapy of any kind that I may be getting now, or have gotten in the past, or plan to get in the future.

I understand the nature of the W.A.W. program and release any liability of Living Waters Philippines.

I am allowing Living Waters Philippines to process all the information that I have provided in this registration form.